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What’s Hot for 2022 in Kitchen Flooring?

It is obvious the kitchen floor in our homes are the most trafficked ones. This place is the spot of all the eating and drinking activities. A busy area means a high proportion of damage. That is why flooring in the kitchen is supposed to be sturdy and resilient to spillage and abrasions caused by daily chores. The highest the quality of the flooring is, the lesser the maintenance required. Kitchen flooring is most ill-treated during gatherings at home as all the drinks, eatables, desserts, and other party items are in one place that is, the kitchen!kitchen flooring brisbane

Why wooden floors are trending in the kitchen?

Of all the several options out there for kitchen flooring, the feel, look, and warmth created by wood are unparalleled. Although the installation of wooden floors also comes with greater risks and care as compared to vinyl, stone, or textile flooring- timber floor installation in the kitchen is an emerging trend. This is because most homeowners want a seamless look for their homes. This will avoid instilling different types of floors for other areas of the house. Hardwood floors will look good for years if kept in good shape.

Obstacles in opting for hardwood floors and how to evade them

Following are the shortcomings which can be faced and should be understood and kept in mind before installing timber floors:

  • Wood is water-resistant i.e. it is susceptible to absorbing water and spills and results in swelling, cupping, crowning, or gapping of the floorboards. This is the major hitch as the kitchen is an area with high moisture content. Any leakage from pipes or spillage of detergent and other drinkables leads to ultimate absorption by wood. This can be avoided by keeping a proper finish of the floorboards using polyurethane once every 3 to 4 years. Immediate cleaning of the spillage with a dry mop or towel should be the habit of every person in the house to avoid its absorption.
  • A high level of impact of shoes and scraping caused by sliding of stools and chairs in the kitchen are promising factors in abrasion of the surface coating of the floor and formation of dentures. The type of wood that is selected for the kitchen area should be strong such as Patagonian Rosewood, Ipe (Brazilian Walnut), Hickory, Tigerwood, etc. They are highly resistant to dentures or scratching and are ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens.
  • The leading protector of the wooden floorboard is its coating. The durability of the coating increases the life span of the floorboards. Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane always adopts the finest and highest quality of products when it comes to durability and sustainability, our first choice is using Sikkens products. For kitchen floor coating, Sikkens Cetol is the best option as it is oil based; it provides a high level of water resistance and gives a lustrous shine to your kitchen.

So when it comes to the selection of flooring for the kitchen, always opt for the best product and a professional service provider for its installation and is such a master in doing the right sanding and polishing of the floor that little or negligible maintenance is required. Talking about professionalism, who is the best in Brisbane? Yes, you guessed it right it’s BFS!

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