Revitalizing Oil Harwood Floors-an Idea to Work On

Harwood Floors have a unique quality of providing an essence of serenity and charm if kept with care and maintenance. But, if unattended, the same floor will give a shabby and worn-in look, not just to a limited space but to the whole house.

Sanded and Polished Deck with a Sikkens deck finish

Timber Deck coated with Sikkens Deck

Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane is here to provide solutions to your timber floorboard issues and revive the enchanting appearance of your Brisbane homes. The most common indicators for professional work requirements are:


This is the most common issue which is faced by every other home in Brisbane. The reason for the color fading or greying is excessive or long-term exposure to sunlight. You must have seen the greying effect in old Brisbane homes which have been abandoned for some reason. This effect is completely reversible through the use of the right quantity and quality of products. The process of staining is usually done in such cases after properly sanding the area.


Changes in the humidity level of the house lead to cupping and crowning of timber floorboards. Change in moisture content is the key factor in causing these issues. This happens either due to external factors (weather changes) or internal factors (leakage in the plumbing system of the house). Cupping, as the name indicates, is the formation of the concave appearance of the floorboards. As a result, the edges are raised whilst the middle portion sinks giving a cup-shaped look. Crowning is the opposite of cupping with the appearance of a convex shape of the floorboards, the perimeters sink, raising the board from the center, giving a crown shape. This problem is an ongoing process that is irreversible after a certain limit. The only solution is to point out the cause of the change in MC and resolve it. The next step is the replacement of Harwood Floors or sanding and refurnishing of the affected area.


This is a common issue that is observed on annual basis. Wood tends to shrink in winter when the air is dry and relative humidity is low. Low moisture level in the floorboards causes the formation of gaps within the boards. Once the season is over, usually in summer, the moisture content becomes normal and the timber boards get back to their original shape. Although it is a normal process if you observe the development of wider gaps, now is the time to do some work on it. Wood putty is used to fill the gaps if the width is within normal limits but if it’s unavoidable and makes it difficult to walk on, then it is advisable to replace the floorboards with new ones.


Usually, the top coating of hardwood floors is done in such a manner that it requires a little bit of maintenance. However, there are factors that lead to early scraping and scratching. Not giving enough time to cure the coating layers is the principal element in causing early peeling of the coating. The process is revocable either by scratching the affected area with sandpaper and then coating it again or if the damage is extensive then the whole region is sanded followed by proper finishing.
You don’t need to worry at all if you observe any of the above-mentioned changes in your floors because luckily BFS is on the way to uplifting the value and the beauty of your home by performing unmatched skills. We have got pre-defined SOPs for every assignment we undertake to achieve a perfectionist approach.

Although the process of renovating the timber floors seems to be quite loathsome and time taking, it is an easy job for a professional. As mentioned above we do our job by doing homework in advance to avoid any inconvenience.

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