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Floor Sanding of Timber Decks

This week has been a big week for floor sanding of decks. While the decks look great when finished it is however very important to have a maintenance schedule for decking. Unlike internal floors which will often last for many years the finish on timber decking has a much tougher life and therefore requires more attention.

In Brisbane we experience a very harsh environment, on sunny days decks can extremely hot and this in combination with rain degrades the finish. Pool decks and decks without a roof have a very tough life and require even more frequent attention. The frequency of recoating decks is influenced by which type of coating was used on the deck, some decking finishes are designed to be more regularly applied.

The issue that we constantly see is that most people struggle to find the time and energy to maintain their decks. the deck finish is often left to the point of no return and it then becomes necessary to once again do floor sanding of the deck. Many of our customers ask us to return to their decks and apply top-up coats, and in doing so protect their original investment outlaid in the floor sanding.

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