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Taking Care Of Hardwood Floors In High-Traffic Areas

Hardwood floor gives warmth and luxury to the home. The durability of wooden floors is unmatched. High-traffic areas in homes damage the floor with time. You will notice a remarkable difference in the color, texture, and appearance of the hardwood floor with high traffic versus the rest of the house.

What are the areas that get the most traffic in a house?

  1. Deck- A perfect place for open-air dining and bar barbecue parties. More people means more traffic on the beautiful floor. A little piece of hot coal can cause irreversible damage to the wooden plank.
  2. Kitchen- The hardwood floor is most susceptible in the kitchen because of continuous spills and water leakage.
  3. Hallways and House Entrance -A commonplace that connects areas of the house. It is also a route through which dirt and dust from outside spread all over.
  4. Lounge- A frequently used area of the house where all the family members gather, have dinner, and watch movies together. These gatherings are beautiful but not for your floors. Without proper care, the floor in the lounge area will soon lose its finishing. The color of the wooden planks may also fade with time due to high traffic.wood floor high traffic

Hardwood Floor Damages And Their Prevention And Repairment

Let’s discuss what kinds of damage timber floors in high-traffic areas can have and their prevention:

  1. Floor Wear and Tear

Apart from being sturdy and durable, wood can wear with time. The scratches and dents are most commonly caused by furniture movement and walking with heels. Dirt from shoes acts as mini sandpapers and scratches the floorboards easily.

Prevention and repair: Timber floors can be protected by adopting safety measures. The use of felt pads below the furniture prevents dentures. When shifting furniture, try to lift it to avoid scratching. Area rugs also save the floor from scratching by foot traffic. The ultimate solution is sanding and polishing of the floor.

  1. Damage by pets

Pets contribute a lot to damaging wood. They can scratch the floor through their nails or stain through their urine.

Prevention and repair: Always keep the nails of the pets trimmed. Even out the scratches by using sandpaper and applying a wood finish. To prevent floor staining, wipe it with a clean cloth and mop it with a damp cloth.

  1. Spills and leakages

Accidental spills stain the floor and are not easy to get rid of. Unpolished hardwood floors take the stain very well and make it prominent. Leakages and spills are usual in the kitchen. Leaking water causes cupping and buckling of the floorboards.

Prevention and repair: Wipe out the spill with a clean cloth immediately for any delay that leads to liquid absorption inside the floorboard. You should hire a professional to fix the leakage issue. Leakage causes irreversible damage to the flooring.

  1. Dirt from shoes

Shoes carry grains of sand inside the house. These grains act as mini sandpapers and damage the timber. Heels cause more damage than dirt. They cause dents and wearing of the wood polish.

Prevention and repair: Do not allow shoes inside the home. Place a shoe rack near the home entrance. Use mats and rugs to trap the outside dust and dirt.

Cleanliness is the key to having a maintained home. Proper cleaning of the floors prevents future problems of floor repair and replacement. If the damage is unavoidable and cannot be controlled, a professional sanding and polishing revitalize the home.

Every type of hardwood floor requires periodic re-sanding and polishing. Budget Floor Sanding has your back for all timber floor-related issues. A professional service provider for sanding and polishing saves hustle and waste of money.

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