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Cleaning hardwood floors on regular basis have never been so easy, especially talking about homes with kids. Definitely, there is always clutter, spillages, shoe dirt, and whatnot. Putting the cherry on the top-pets! They can cause a mess far more than toddlers. Unfortunately, the only solution is regular cleaning to avoid the formation of permanent stains on your timber floor.  There is always not much time to clean the floor at once after the disaster has struck so we have put forth some simple steps to follow on a routine basis for proper cleaning.

  1. Preparation for cleaning:

The floor should always be first prepared for deep cleaning purposes. The preparation of the floor means it should be free from debris, dirt, and clutter. Check if the floorboards are properly sealed for there should be no gaps otherwise the cleaning solution will enter the gaps causing more harm than good. Remove all the rugs, tables, and other items from the floor to expose the full area.

  1. Vacuum cleaning or dry mopping:

A vacuum cleaner without a beater bar is used to remove the dust from the floor. It will gather all the dust without damaging the timber. Another option is dry mopping. A microfiber dry mop is the best to remove dust and grit. Dusting should be a practice to be followed on weekly basis to avoid a bigger task ahead.

  1. Wet mopping:

For wet mopping purposes, use a clean microfiber cloth, dip it in the cleaning solution and wring it. Start mopping from one corner of the floor to the other end. Dip and wring after small intervals to ensure a uniform cleaning process.

  1. Choosing the right cleaning solution:

The cleaning solution could be either homemade or the one purchased from the store. A solution of water (1 gallon) and white vinegar (1 cup) is consumed for timber floor cleaning purposes. It is a purely natural method that is economical and effective and leaves a scratch-free floor. Another option is prepared solutions from the market. The major concern in using solutions is that they should be compatible with the type of timber you are using for.

  1. Finishing:

A thorough evaluation is required to complete the cleaning process. Look for any gaps or fissures between floorboards and clean them also with the help of a small toothbrush dipped in the same cleaning solution used earlier. If left untreated, these gaps would serve as home to dirt and pathogens. After the cleaning solution has been applied, it is advisable to let it dry until it sets completely.

When to seek professional help?

Although regular cleaning keeps the house lustrous for a long period after a certain time, the floor loses its shine and beauty. The floor may experience all or a few of the following changes:

  • Removal of surface coating
  • Formation of scratches
  • Gapping and cracking of floorboards

The above-mentioned are the conditions that lead to the entrapment of dirt and debris. The floor will slowly wear and tear and decompose with time if unattended. Immediate professional attention can evade the worsening of the condition and can save you from spending a lot of money on a bigger issue.

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