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Floor Finishing with Satin Polyurethane Finish

low sheen timber floor finish

Satin timber floor

There was a time when customer expectation was that a polished timber floor must be glossy, and the glossier the better. Now, however, the lower sheen satin timber floor Polyurethane finishes are very popular. There are a few reasons for this.

Firstly it can be argued that the satin timber floor finishes are more forgiving. Any super glossy floor is going to show up dust and wear and tear on the timber floor more than a lower sheen satin polyurethane alternative. Satin is the best option if you have a very old and rustic timber floor.

Secondly, I believe they just look better. The low sheen duller finish is now considered more contemporary and fashionable in new houses. The lower sheen satin presents the floor in a more natural circumstance than the glossy finish.

Thirdly if you have lots of glass in your house and sun hitting the floor, the lower sheen satin finishes are less reflective of sun glare.

Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane has sanded and polished numerous timber floors over the years, completing them with a satin polyurethane floor finish. If you are planning to update or renovate your timber floors and your preference is for a more natural low sheen look contact Budget Floor Sanding to discuss satin polyurethane and our other low sheen options.


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