Floor Sanding and Polishing with Loba Invisible Protect

Raw looking timber floors

Invisible Protect creates a natural raw-looking timber floor

Do you want your floor to look natural like it is raw timber that has the appearance of having never been coated? If you don’t want your floor to look as if it has a plastic layer on top of the timber and for it not to change color and yellow with age, Loba Invisible Protect is the natural-looking timber floor finish for you.

The featured hardwood timber floor had previously been polished with a polyurethane coating that had yellowed with age, significantly altering the appearance of this blonde colored timber species. The owners did not like the orange looking color of their timber floor and therefore decided to re-sand and polish the timber floor using Loba Invisible Protect. The end result was a completely transformed floor that now looks like it is entirely natural. The coated timber floor now looks true to what the timber color is when the wood is in its raw state.

Loba Invisible Protect is a water-based timber floor finish that is as easy to keep clean as any varnished surface. Due to its lack of shine, it also has a very good anti-slip rating of R9.

If natural looking timber floors are the look that you desire, Loba Invisible Protect is the floor finish for your floor sanding and polishing project. Contact Brisbane floor sanders Budget Floor Sanding and we can answer any questions you have regarding this new and popular floor design trend.

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