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Deck Sanding Brisbane – Deck Renewal Process And Maintenance


We all are very aware of the importance of decks in our Brisbane homes. A fine outdoor dining and resting spot with a sky view is a luxury only attained with properly maintained and decorated timber deck sanding. Having a great BBQ night with friends and family or spending the long summer evenings reading and gossiping is a time well spent. To spend this valuable time in your homes, your timber deck requires attention and maintenance and it would serve as a nice and serene spot to relish the beautiful moments with friends and family.

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Sikkens Deck Timber Finish


Having a picturesque timber deck is a luxury on one hand but keeping its wholesome appearance is a task on the other hand. As wood is a natural substance, it tends to be affected by changing weather conditions. Timber floorboards are most likely to get damaged by direct sunlight exposure and rain. The most common changes are greying, cupping, and buckling of timber floorboards. Unfortunately, there is no simple approach to reverse the process. Sanding of a timber deck is the only option to restore its original shape and form, or even better from Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane services.


Before starting the sanding process, compulsory inspection of the area for defects and to determine the extent of work required to be done. Our professional team will first deal with the following tasks required for the sanding process:

  • Clearing the premises of any clutter, furniture, plants, etc.
  • Fixing any protruding nails or replacing them if necessary.
  • Replacing the severely damaged floorboards.
  • Setting the equipment for the sanding process.

The sanding process

The sanding process is done using an edge sander and a belt sander. Different grades of sandpapers are used to ensure the complete removal of stains and polishing material from the top surface of floorboards. Sanding is not a time-consuming process. It is usually completed in one day. Thorough and detailed cleaning is an essential measure that can be taken after sanding to prepare the floor for staining and polishing.

Timber deck staining and polishing

The steps followed by deck sanding are staining and polishing. Timber floor staining is done according to the requirements of the owner. Thin coats of stains are applied one after the other. It is crucial to let each coat dry completely before the application of the next coat to ensure uniformity.

The recommended products for deck polishing are Sikkens products. Sikkens Cetol HLSE is used both for staining and giving a proper finish to the floor. It also provides additional protection against direct sun exposure, preventing the boards from turning grey.

In some cases, homeowners want the original look of the timber. In such cases, the staining process is skipped and deck polishing is done directly after sanding. There are several oils and waxes available for deck polishing Sikkens Cetol Deck is decking oil and is applied for this purpose. It is a colorless top coat that finishes the coating or polishing process.

For further queries and suggestions feel free to contact us anytime. Our professional team workers are here to beautify your homes with their exceptional work for team BFS works with passion and dedication.

If the damage is higher it is advisable to hire professional services from Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane.


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