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ATFA, Australian Timber Flooring Association member

The Australian Timber Flooring Association is the peak body for timber floors and timber flooring representing floor sanding and polishing contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers nationwide. ATFA is a member-based timber flooring association that provides information and services to its members and the community. To floor sanding members the ATFA provides training programs, up to date

Floor Sanding in Brisbane’s Rental Houses

Many of the rental houses in Brisbane have polished floors. In fact, rental property managers will often prefer the hard-wearing qualities of polished floors over carpet. Polished floors are also generally preferred to carpet and an inducement to prospective tenants. Over the years Budget Floor Sanding has serviced many real estate agents, particularly in our

Floor Sanding of Timber Decks

This week has been a big week for floor sanding of decks. While the decks look great when finished it is however very important to have a maintenance schedule for decking. Unlike internal floors which will often last for many years the finish on timber decking has a much tougher life and therefore requires more

Polished Floors – Which is better Gloss or Satin ?

I am frequently asked to provide an opinion to customers as to whether they should use a gloss or satin finish when the floor sanding their timber floors. There are some circumstances which make one finish more appropriate over another, however often the choice comes down to nothing more than personal choice. Gloss obviously provides

Why Floor sanding and Polishing of Brisbane’s Floors

For those of us living in the Brisbane area the choice of timber floor sanding carried out on our floors has many positives. Timber flooring is a natural hard-wearing surface which when maintained and kept clean avoids carrying dust and allergens which can promote respiratory problems. When compared to ceramic tiles timber floors create five

Sikkens Deck for Timber Decks

When coating outdoor decks Sikkens Deck is the finish of choice for Budget Floor Sanding. It is a translucent satin wood finish that provides excellent protection for exterior decks. Its characteristics are; * Its high transparency ensures good visibility of the wood grain * Microporous allowing the wood to breathe * It is water repellent

Timber Deck Maintenance in the Harsh Brisbane Climate

This week it was reinforced to me the importance of deck maintenance after we applied to top up deck coats to houses at Hawthorne and Morningside. In Southeast Queensland, we live in a very harsh environment. On sunny days decks can get very hot, this combined with rain degrades the finish on timber decks. Pool

Is Floor Sanding Sustainable

Floor sanding restores the natural beauty of wooden floors. A very detailed process using sanders and hand renovation techniques is employed to deliver a beautiful floor to your home. There is no other flooring material that has the shine and warmth of a hardwood floor. Health Sustainability A primary reason why wood floors are so

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