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Budget Floor Sanding Prices

The following prices are indicative of the rates charged by Budget Floor Sanding for floor sanding and polishing. These floor sanding costs are for work in the Brisbane area. Our aim is to provide a quality, economy floor sanding service at reasonable prices. We do not aim to be cheap or the cheapest, at the

Floor Sanding and Polishing at Ashgrove

During the past week, Budget Floor Sanding has been working sanding and polishing the floors at a house in the Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove. This house has undergone a major renovation with large areas of new Hoop pine flooring laid as part of an extension. In past blogs, we have shown photos of new pine

Effects of Grit and Direct Sunlight After Sanding and Polishing

Sand and grit are harmful to polished timber floors. They are easily bought into homes with footwear. These particles act like sandpaper and can result in scratches on the floor. When mats are placed both outside and inside of doorways they provide a means of reducing sand and grit from entering the house. Rugs placed

Timber Floor Installation at Brisbane Youngcare Sharehouse Part 2

Having started a timber floor installation at the Youngcare share house, Budget Floor Sanding is now about a third into the overall timber flooring installation of 250m2. The timber flooring has been supplied to the charity by a benevolent timber supplier. The wooden flooring being used is milled out of recycled Blackbutt. Blackbutt is a

Timber Flooring installation at Youngcare Share House

Next week Budget Floor Sanding will start a large Timber floor installation job at a new Youngcare share house which is currently under construction in the Brisbane suburb of Wooloowin.  Youngcare is an organization that provides alternative housing options for young people needing 24/7 care and provides a care arrangement that may otherwise only be

Timber Floor Maintenance and Care

Modern polyurethane finishes are extremely tough and hard-wearing, however, there are certain things that you can do to get the best out of your timber floor. Sand and grit are harmful to polished timber floors, they overtime act as sandpaper on the polished surface. They are easily bought into homes with footwear and will over

Replacement van for Budget Floor Sanding

On top of normal work responsibilities, it has been a hectic week trying to source a new van for work. One of the present vans has come to the end of its reliable life and requires replacement. Going through car sale sites, assessing possibilities, and then having a look at them is a time-consuming task.

Looking After Newly Sanded and Polished Timber Floors

After having floor sanding and polishing carried out, your new floor may be walked on the day after it has been finished. However, it is necessary to exercise care until the coating has been given the opportunity to reach maximum hardness. In our Brisbane climate, this may take seven to ten days. During this curing

Floor Sanding and Polishing in Clayfield

Working around Brisbane this has been a busy first week back to work. Some of the work we have done this week includes; Floor sanding and polishing of a large three-level house in Clayfield. This massive timber house is floored with Blackbutt timber and was re-sanded and polished to prepare the house for sale. The

Budget Floor Sanding Back to Work for 2015

After a fantastic two week breaks Budget Floor Sanding resumes work on Monday the 12th of January. Already 2015 is shaping up as a busy year around Brisbane with lots of floor sanding restoration work already on our books. With many inquiries received over our Christmas break, there are also many jobs to look at

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