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Floor Sanding & Polishing of Cypress Timber at Everton Park Property

This week Budget Floor Sanding re-sanded and polished the Cypress Pine wooden flooring in a house at Everton Park. Cypress Pine timber is a softwood timber species that has colors ranging from light yellow to orange to light brown. Its grain is very straight and has numerous tight knots. It contains natural resins which make

Timber Flooring Repair at East Brisbane House

The wooden Hoop Pine floor in this old Queenslander required a lot of sanding. The floor had been previously covered with a style of carpet that is stuck to the floor and after removing the carpet backing it required heavy sand. Evidence of old borer activity had been seen when looking at the underside of

Floor Sanding & Polishing in Grand Queenslander at Highgate Hill

Recently Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane completed a very large job in a large old Queenslander in the Brisbane suburb of Highgate Hill. The owners are preparing this house for sale and the previously polished timber floors were due for re-polishing. The predominant timber flooring in the house was the typical Hoop Pine flooring found in

Timber Engineered Flooring Installation in Mount Gravatt

When installing wooden flooring over concrete, engineered flooring is becoming more prevalent. Engineered timber flooring rather than being solid timber is instead a veneer of timber on a plywood backing. The overall thickness maybe around 15mm with a veneer of around 4mm. This style of the timber flooring is more stable with no twists or

Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing at Youngcare

In a previous blog, the wooden flooring installation at a new Youngcare facility at the Brisbane suburb of Wooloowin was documented. Now with the project drawing to its final stages the time had come for Budget Floor Sanding to return and do the timber floor sanding and polishing. With around 250m2 of new Blackbutt wooden

Timber Floor Sanding & Polishing at Norman Park.

From time to time I will comment to customers how I think we get the easy part of their floor sanding job. No furniture to move out and then put back at completion. We also do not need to find alternate accommodation as is often required when large areas of timber floors are sanded and

Floor Sanding and Polishing of Timber Plywood Floor

An extension to a hydrotherapy center at a Brisbane retirement village was floored with Hoop pine plywood. Architect specifications required this plywood timber floor to be sanded and then finished with Toby’s Aquamax Commercial water-based finish. It was also specified that a nonslip additive is added to the timber floor finish to provide a nonslip

Parquetry Timber Floor Repair with Floor Sanding & Polishing

Often when a house renovation takes place, areas of missing flooring and unpolished timber are exposed. Recently Budget Floor Sanding has been working on such a project in the Brisbane suburb of Balmoral. This particular timber floor has parquetry and after the moving of the kitchen from one part of the living area to another,

Budget Floor Sanding Week of Timber Floor Sanding and Polishing

In a busy four-day week leading into the Easter break, there has been a number of jobs to complete. Firstly was a large hardwood timber floor in a house at Fairfield. This house has been undergoing renovation and the last stage in the process was the flooring. The entire house polished in a satin polyurethane

Staining and Floor Board Replacement in Brisbanes West End.

Timber floor repairs have been part of restoring wooden floors in a large old Queenslander at West End this week. The timber floors in this house were previously covered in very old carpet and lino. Once the floor coverings were removed it became apparent that much of the old Hoop Pine flooring had an old

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