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Floor Sanding & Polishing of Brushbox Timber Floors

Brushbox timber flooring is one of the commonly found hardwood timbers used in many homes around Brisbane. However due to its limited supply and the therefore high price it is not often installed in many new houses. Brushbox has long been sought after for its unique properties and aesthetic qualities. it has a fine, even

Floor Sanding using Whittle Wax

On occasions, Budget Floor Sanding is asked to use the Whittle Wax range of products to coat timber floors after the floor sanding process. Whittle wax is a hard wax oil and is colorless open-pored moisture regulating coating for wood. As a penetrating product, it provides a natural finish to the timber floor and when

Floor Sanding & Polishing at Cannon Hill

While modern polyurethanes are a hard-wearing timber floor finish, they do at some stage reach the end of their life. This was the case at a customer’s Cannon Hill home, whose polished wooden floors had been previously coated some twenty years prior. Fortunately, a polished timber floor can be returned to their former glory by

Floor Sanding and Polishing Machinery

Budget Floor Sanding recently had all of its floor sanding electrical machinery tested and tagged. This is a six-monthly requirement to comply with Brisbane’s Workplace Health and Safety rules. This process involves all machinery and electrical leads being tested to ensure that they are all operating safely. By going through this process every six months

Timber Deck Restoration at Hawthorne

A timber deck restoration was required in Hawthorne after the water-based deck finish deteriorated on a new decking installation. The new wooden veranda areas were part of a renovation project only completed last year. The builder had then finished the deck with a couple of coats of a water-based decking finish. Six months later the

Floor Sanding & Polishing at South Brisbane

During the school holiday period Budget Floor Sanding returned to Somerville House School to do some additional floor sanding and polishing. Typically this work always occurs during the holiday period when there are no students at the school to be disturbed. On this occasion, the floor refinishing work was done in three different areas. Old

Sanding and Staining a Hoop Pine Floor

Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane recently finished the polished floors at a large house in the suburb of Hamilton. This house had undergone a large renovation and new Hoop Pine timber flooring had been laid in a large extension off the rear of the house. The owners were keen to stain the new timber flooring to make

Floor Sanding & Polishing of Cypress Timber at Everton Park Property

This week Budget Floor Sanding re-sanded and polished the Cypress Pine wooden flooring in a house at Everton Park. Cypress Pine timber is a softwood timber species that has colors ranging from light yellow to orange to light brown. Its grain is very straight and has numerous tight knots. It contains natural resins which make

Timber Flooring Repair at East Brisbane House

The wooden Hoop Pine floor in this old Queenslander required a lot of sanding. The floor had been previously covered with a style of carpet that is stuck to the floor and after removing the carpet backing it required heavy sand. Evidence of old borer activity had been seen when looking at the underside of

Floor Sanding & Polishing in Grand Queenslander at Highgate Hill

Recently Budget Floor Sanding Brisbane completed a very large job in a large old Queenslander in the Brisbane suburb of Highgate Hill. The owners are preparing this house for sale and the previously polished timber floors were due for re-polishing. The predominant timber flooring in the house was the typical Hoop Pine flooring found in

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