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Timber Floor Installation at Fig Tree Pocket

Last week Budget Floor Sanding did a floor installation job for one of our regular builders. This installation involved laying Spotted Gum Flooring over concrete and over the yellow tongue. The timber is best put onto the site two weeks in advance so that it may acclimatize to the site conditions, and then prior to

Floor Covering Removal Prior to Floor sanding

Frequently when quoting to do floor sanding and polishing jobs in Brisbane, Budget Floor Sanding is asked to include floor covering removal into the price. The floor coverings mostly needing removal are carpet and lino which is most often on a masonite backing. The removal and disposal of the floor coverings are then included in

Care and Maintenance of your Polished Timber Floors

While your new polished floor may be walked on the day after it has been finished it is necessary to exercise care until the coating has been given the opportunity to reach maximum hardness. This may take seven to ten days. During this curing period floor use is more likely to result in scuffing and

Floor Sanding in Woolloongabba

Recently Budget Floor Sanding completed a large floor sanding and polishing project in a house in the Brisbane suburb of Woolloongabba. The floors in this old Queenslander had an old black japan finish on them and also showed evidence of borer damage. Photos showing the transformation of the floors can be seen under the board

Floor Sanding Brisbane and polishing of Stairs

The sanding and polishing of stairs is a common job performed by Budget Floor Sanding. For a number of builders in Brisbane, the house under construction may have no other polished timber area other than the stairs. New stairs are most often protected by MDF sheeting while the house is under construction and this must

Floor Sanding and Staining of Timber Floors

Budget Floor sanding completed a large house in the Brisbane suburb of Hawthorne recently. The client who had recently purchased the house asked that the old hoop pine floorboards in this Queenslander be stained a chocolate brown color. Having received an indicative picture of the floor color desired from the client,  Budget Floor Sanding then

Why Choose Timber Floors & Floor Sanding and Polishing in Your Brisbane House Part 2

Where many other floor coverings such as carpet, lino, and ceramic tiles will wane in and out of fashion, timber floors have a timeless classic character. Timber flooring has always been popular and will always compliment other shifts in taste and style of furnishings. While timber flooring is often considered an option for those with

Why Choose Timber floors and Floors Sanding and Polishing in Your Brisbane House

Timber flooring and the floor sanding and polishing of it is often considered to be a more expensive option than the alternatives. However, while the initial costs may be more there are long-term advantages that outweigh the initial expenditure. Solid timber floors last for a very long time, up to one hundred years in fact,

The Environmental advantages of timber Flooring in Brisbane Houses

Timber floors actually store carbon. It follows then that floor sanding and polishing of timber floors have distinct environmental advantages. Up to 50% of the weight of dried timber is carbon that has been absorbed from the atmosphere by the tree as it is growing. The advantage of this of course is that the result

Licenced Floor Sander with the QBCC

Budget Floor Sanding has been operating in the Brisbane area for over 25 years. For all of this period, Budget Floor Sanding has been licensed with originally the Queensland Building Services Authority and now with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. The license number held by Budget Floor Sanding 64351 is a much smaller number

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